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In a busy world, some kick-ass creative behind your business is just what you need to get noticed. From logos to full brand packages, or illustrations and infographic design. I’m always honoured to be involved at the beginning (or new beginning) of a client’s business.


If it is simple, it is memorable, versatile, and effective. An epic logo is used to identify, not explain. It's just the start of building your brand's story.


From icons to infographics, using design to convey information is my jam. It is not like art, open to interpretation, but rather focuses on delivering a message.

Design is led by the story, and with illustration, it becomes a powerful narrative!


Starting with 'just a logo' may sound tempting, but without the right tools it can lead to inconsistent results and design overwhelm.

So let's put your best foot forward and set you up with style. Visual branding is a friendly nudge in the right direction to ensure your business leaves the chaos behind and shines consistently in the world of design.

Brand Training

Does your brand need a makeover? From understanding where your brand is currently positioned in the market, to understanding your ideal client. We help you update, invigorate, or implement easy-to-follow guidelines, so you have the confidence to deliver a better brand.

We help you identify how customers will find you, so you can understand the areas of focus needed to market your business. But we don’t just set you up and send you on your way. Our training and support can empower you to implement strategies to gain better brand awareness and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Our brand training programmes are tailored to your individual needs and can include a range of expert marketing advice for your business. 

This Brand training course is registered with the Mangagement Capability Development fund. Small business owners may qualify for funding to help pay for services, such as training workshops to build the capability of their owners and key managers.

If you are a New Zealand Business, register with the Regional Business Partner programme to find out if you are eligible for subsidised access to this program.

Let's get started.

At the start of any creative project, we love a solid brief. Visual communication closely follows the story, so if the story evolves, the design needs to adapt too!

If you’re starting fresh but don't know what information to provide, ask for a copy of our brief template. It's a great prompting tool to help you provide the right information to get your project quoted and underway with a smoother start.

Say goodbye to hidden fees and surprise costs. My pricing is crystal clear from the get-go, so you'll always know what to expect.